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Finding your dream home is supposed to be fun.  I can only find your dream home if I know what I'm looking for. The Sea To Sky real estate market can be a fast moving market. My job is to recognize your dream home the second it lands on the market so it can become your dream home and not someone else’s. The search for and the recognition of “The ONE!” is made easier by my knowing what you have in mind so I can get you to the front door, first. best of all? as a buyer, you do not pay for my services – my remuneration is provided via a share of the listing commission on the property sold.

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As we work together to find your perfect place, my knowledge of the local market will save your precious time by not having you looking at places that don’t fit your dream... unless you want to. Sometimes it's good to look at properties that don't fit so that when you do see the right property you know right away it's "The One". My job is to make the search for your new home stress free and enjoyable. My goal is to make it fun. That means keeping the experience as free of wasted time and wasted drives to those viewings, that you know are completely wrong as soon as you see them. As your agent, I’m wanting to work hard for you. My hard work means less work and less wasted time for you, making for a more enjoyable home buying experience. For example, Facetime or video walk-thoughs if you aren't available, will save you a lot of time and money because you'll only have to make the drive for places that you already have an interest in past the  "It's new on the market". 

 That doesn't mean we won't kick the tires on a few "maybe's". I've seen a few that had the chance of being lemons that turned out to be great. That's half the fun of looking for "The ONE" we never actually know until we go and see for ourselves.

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The Sea To Sky can be a fast moving market. I'll help you prepare so that when we present your offer you can be perceived as the preferred buyer. There are a lot of details involved in buying a home. Working together we will make the experience a great one. 

There is no point showing you a place with a small kitchen if a big kitchen is important to you. Likewise with other home features, like number of bathrooms, media room, a garage, storage, proximity to the village, north or south part of town, etc. The time it takes to fill out this quiz will save you time and effort. It makes it so much easier to narrow down the search for your dream home. Who knows, it might even give you ideas or possibilities you hadn’t thought of, which is a good thing, and if you still don't know exactly what you want, well, we'll figure that out together. Not sure of your budget, I can help with that too.

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Rest assured, I will work long and hard to show you every possibility for as long as it takes for us to find your perfect home because it is out there and it's waiting for you.

Get stoked,

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Personal kensultation:

I'm available anytime for a personal Kensultation to discuss your real estate needs.

Phone: 1-604-966-7640


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Fill out the following quiz so I can get a better idea of what you are looking for. Fill out as much or as little as you like. I'll find your new home based on your selections.

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