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I’ve traveled the world for 35 years as a Hall of Fame snowboarder, professional photographer, filmmaker, entrepreneur & owner of the Camp of Champions. While traveling to almost every ski resort that matters, I was also comparing real estate values.  This lifetime of experience has given me the skill set, point of view &  depth of knowledge of the Sea To Sky market that is unmatched. I combine that with my 35 years of sales, marketing, social media, tech, photography & video experience to sell your property for as much as possible, as quickly as possible or help you buy the perfect property at the perfect price.  My goal is to work hard for you & over-deliver, while creating a transparent, enjoyable, stress-free experience for everyone. I’ll treat you with respect & listen to your needs while I keep you informed & involved every step of the way. Selling or buying, I’m looking forward to helping you with your real estate needs. Feel free to call me or email me anytime.

When you list with me, this is what you get;

  • One-on-One service that is focused on helping you achieve your real estate goal.

  • An agent that listens to your needs and acts solely for you.

  • A custom website for your property that makes it easy for potential owners to fall in love with your property. The website has an interactive 3D Showcase, VR Tour, HDR photos that are hot linked to the digital floor plan so that everyone can see exactly where each photo was taken.

  • Matterport 3D Showcase. Potential purchasers from around the world can “Be Here Now” and roam through your house, zooming in on any detail and zooming out to see the entire property. I call it a digital open house.

  • Matterport VR Tour. What could be better for a potential buyer than being able to inhabit your house as their potential dream home. How does the living room feel? What’s the kitchen like? The kids bedrooms, The master bedroom. Buyers can explore every inch of your house in Virtual Reality.

  • As a longtime professional photographer, you know the photos that showcase your home will be outstanding.

  • Up to the moment stats and info on how your property is doing in the market.

  • An agent for life.

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Ken Achenbach is not your “usual” realtor. As the Godfather of Canadian snowboarding, Ken lit the fuse on the sport that would go on to define the new X Games and Olympic generation of action sports athletes. He started the first snowboard shop in the world out of his mom’s Calgary garage at age 15, growing it to eight stores worldwide, and has been a lifelong entrepreneur operating concerns in retail, distribution, recreation, destination travel, media and more. Ken has been a businessman in Whistler since 1988. (He has been one-of-a-kind since 1964.)

“Finding your forever home in Whistler—or even a bargain to flip—takes insider knowledge,” says Ken. “It takes long-term relationships, an ear to the ground…and occasionally some bad jokes. Luckily, I’m blessed with all four.”

Ken has witnessed Whistler’s explosive growth first-hand and has decades of experience buying and selling houses here as a customer. As a photographer and filmmaker for 30 years traveling the world’s top resorts with his cameras, Ken has also seen ski towns that do it right in everywhere from Switzerland to Chile to Japan. 

“I’m pretty sure I’ve ridden at every major resort in North America and at least half the biggies in Europe, and I can say with 100-percent certainty that Whistler is the best,” says Ken. “I’d love to help you find the right place at the right price or sell your house for the highest possible price in this epic environment and maybe make you laugh once or twice in the process. I pride myself on making buying or selling a house here fun and fearless and hassle-free.”

Ken started working at Engel & Völkers Whistler, thanks to Maggi Thornhill, Whistler’s top realtor, because of peer pressure, pretty much: 

“With my other businesses, The Camp of Champions and Powder Mountain Catskiing, I guess you could say I was in the business of changing lives,” laughs Ken. “I live for that feeling I get when I know I helped a client score their best powder day. Over all these decades earning clients’ trust in the BC backcountry or a parent’s trust on their kid’s first trip away to camp, dozens of people have insisted that I start selling real estate because I’m always talking up the area anyway! So, after sending about the hundredth client Maggi’s way, she finally put her foot down and said "You don't know it, but you've been a real estate agent your whole life, so make it official with a Real Estate License. So I did. Thanks Maggi.  

Ken Achenbach: Business As UNusual.

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Want to get to know me and why "Get Stoked" is my tag line for life? For the last 30 years, all I've done is help people make their snowboard, ski, bike, and Sea to Sky dreams as well as lifelong dreams come true. You're already stoked on Whistler and the Sea To Sky, click through some of the links below and Get Stoked on the Whistler and Sea To Sky real estate agent that will help you achieve your real estate goals. 

Sometimes all it takes is the “One Perfect Turn” and the next thing you know you’re looking for a real estate advisor and you’re moving to Whistler. That’s how I got here.

I’m looking forward to learning about your life and using all my marketing, photography, video, writing, graphic design and most importantly sales skills to achieve the outcome you desire.  I can't wait to see how Whistler will change your life like it did mine.

Get Stoked.

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The Snoboard Shop

Ken started the first exclusive snowboard shop in the world. Founded in 1980 in Calgary, Alberta. Eventually there were Snoboard Shops in Calgary, Banff, Whistler, Auckland, Queenstown, Mammoth Mountain, Tokyo and Chamonix. Ken gave away his stores, including the Whistler shop in 1996 to concentrate on The Camp of Champions and making clothing. The snowboarders, photographers, filmmakers, writers and inventors that rode for "The Shop" continue to influence snowboarding and action sports to this day.

The Camp of Champions summer snowboard ski and mtb camp

The Camp of Champions was the action sports summer camp that started it all. Ken created the formula that has become the blueprint that every action sports summer camp follows to this day. Get the best pros as coaches and mentors, build the best facilities, and deliver the most fun week of a campers life while showing them that they can achieve anything they put their mind to. In the process, Ken changed how people train in snowboarding, skiing and mountain biking. Campers became legends, X-Games and Olympic Champions, World Champions, brand owners, brand managers, photographers, filmmakers, writers, editors, marketing managers and more. The influence that COC has on the action sports world can never be understated.

Ken Achenbach Camp of Champions.jpg

"THE BEST WEEK OF MY LIFE!" and "THE BEST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE!" were the stock campers responses to a week at The Camp of Champions Summer Snowboard, Ski and Mountain Bike Camp in Whistler. If you want to see the level of dedication and integrity that Ken brings to everything he does, this is a great example. After helping over 20,000 campers kick start their dreams of X-Games and Olympic glory (25+ medals) or just get better at their favorite sport, he closed the Camp of Champions when global warming wouldn't allow him deliver on what he promised people, "The best summer slopestyle park in the world." So instead of delivering something less than what was promised and just "doing it for the money" he closed the camp. It was never about the money. It was always about delivering something that was the best in the world.

 Click the link to see the outpouring of shout outs to the tremendous job he did changing people's lives for 28 years as the owner/director of the Camp of Champions. 

Legendary Mountain Bike Pro, Brett Tippie the godfather of freeride with Ken in Whistler.

Legendary Mountain Bike Pro, Brett Tippie the godfather of freeride with Ken in Whistler.

Pro Standard GoPro Accessories

Pro Standard was started by Ken to bring a new level of design and quality to GoPro accessories. Ken designed all the Pro Standard products and they have become the "go to" GoPro mounts for pros surfers, kitesurfers, bodyboarders, snowboarders, bikers, adventurers, travellers and skiers around the world. Follow Pro Standard on Instagram at @theprostandard

Powder Mountain Catskiing and Heliskiing

Ken describes his job as one of the owners of Powder Mountain as "Quality Tester" If you want an amazing backcountry snowboarding or skiing powder adventure this is the place. It will be the best day of your life. Taking over in 2002, Ken and the other new owners changed the entire company until it became the premier day catskiing heliskiing destination that it is today. 

MyRamen Company

The MyRamen Company makes guilt free ramen. It's 100% natural, vegan, halal, msg free, chemical and preservative free traditional Japanese ramen. Everyone that tries it is converted instantly. Small wonder, MyRamen Company's amazing ramen recipe was created by Menya Shichisai Bib Gourmand chef Hiro Sakata. The Adventure Journal calls it "The best instant ramen on earth"


Ken was one of the original snowboard photographers. He shot for all the major snowboard magazines and companies such as Barfoot, Burton, Nike, Abercrombie and Fitch as well as many others. He produced, filmed and directed the snowboard movies "Nature of the Beast" and "Free". Both videos were worldwide top sellers the seasons they were released. 

Top left, Ken on the cover of ISM Magazine in 1988. All the rest are covers that Ken shot as he travelled the world for the snowboard magazines. He's pretty good at taking photos of houses and condos as well :)

Top left, Ken on the cover of ISM Magazine in 1988. All the rest are covers that Ken shot as he travelled the world for the snowboard magazines. He's pretty good at taking photos of houses and condos as well :)


For years Ken would show up at the Transworld Skateboarding Magazine offices to try and convince them them in person that snowboarding was legit and they should run snowboard photos. After a couple years of relentless hounding they did one better and started Transworld Snowboarding Magazine telling him that he had inspired them to start a stand alone title instead of just running photos in a skateboard magazine. Ken's store, The Snoboard Shop sold 20% of all the first issues printed. He became one of their top photographers shooting numerous covers and writing the long running column "So Anyway..."

Keys To Reality

Ken has the longest running column at Transworld Snowboarding Magazine. "So Anyway..." This column has been called the most famous, and most loved piece of writing in snowboarding. 25 year later, Ken still gets emails and phone calls from people who tell him that this story changed their life. 

Kootenay Mountain Culture

A story about how Ken and his family changed the winter sports universe in Canada.

Powder Magazine - One of Whistler's most influential skiing advocates is a snowboarder

A shout out from Powder Magazine on Ken's influence on skiing.

Kick Ass Brands Interview

All Ken wants is things to be "better" than before and this interview shows the lengths he went to to make the future arrive.

Yo Beat - Godfather of Snowboarding Interview

Ken interviewed by YoBeat on his afternoon commute. Driving down from the top of Blackcomb Mountain, down to Whistler Village after a perfect day at The Camp of Champions.

Snowboard Canada - The 80's with Ken Achenbach and Doug Lundgren

The first days in Whistler. Good for a laugh if you want to see the attitude that Ken and friends put up with on their quest to get snowboarding accepted at Whistler.

FNRad Podcast Interview

A podcast that goes deep on Ken's roots.

Powder Pioneers by Chic Scott

How Ken and Neil Daffern changed snowboarding


I can’t say enough positive things about you.
Thank you. For everything.
The ‘industry’ is better because of people like you!
You did exceptional work.