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You’ve led an amazing life that has got you to this place and time; looking for the exactly right person to be your real estate agent. An agent that has led an amazing life as well, so that they can better relate to how hard you've worked to get here and better understand your needs, desires and goals while also having local and international market knowledge. You’re looking for a connection between you and your agent that is better than usual so that you get better than “usual” results. You’re looking for a “Kennection.”

Ken Achenbach, Powder Mountain Catskiing

Ken Achenbach, Powder Mountain Catskiing

The life I’ve lived has taught me what’s needed to ensure the success of your real estate venture. Everything I’ve learned will be utilized to make your real estate experience something no-one else can provide. As an athlete and a businessman, I learned that successful outcomes are achieved through commitment, dedication, creativity, hard work, single-minded focus combined with negotiation and communication skills plus a few good laughs and a little luck. My life has given me well-travelled experience that enabled me to gain the real estate skills and knowledge that can only be achieved from having been on both sides of the relationship. This experience has given me the ability to think and see real estate with a vision that isn’t just Whistler or the Sea To Sky, but how Whistler and the Sea To Sky fits in the world, compares to other world famous resorts and how much better your life is when it’s a life lived in the Sea To Sky.

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member of the Snowboard Hall of Fame

Over the course of my journey to what became a Snowboard Hall of Fame career, I've been lucky enough to be at the right place at the right time to change snowboarding. Starting with opening the first exclusive snowboard shop in the world when I was 15. Then inventing with Neil Daffern, "The Twintip" the snowboard that changed everything. Then came inventing baseless bindings that evolved into the Burton EST binding. My influence then continued through the Camp of Champions where more pros, legends, Olympic and X-Games champions got their start than I can count.


I travelled to 40 countries learning the three R's, Resorts, Relationships and Real Estate. Opening "The Snoboard Shop" stores in five countries was a definite real estate learning experience... especially as I started when I was 15. Traveling as a pro rider, writer, a pro photographer and filmmaker, I'd compulsively comparison shop Whistler real estate against every ski resort or city I traveled to. I learned dedication and negotiation skills while spending years getting snowboarding accepted at resorts around the world.   Resorts that included Whistler, where I was the first person to snowboard on Whistler Mountain. I was also the first person to ride Falls Creek, Australia,  Mountain High, California and a few others. My history has given me the skills needed to create an amazing real estate experience for you.


Ken Achenbach, June Mountain 1992, Photo Bud Fawcett

Ken Achenbach, June Mountain 1992, Photo Bud Fawcett

for 38 years - Trusted with your most important asset. dreams

My introduction to real estate was at a young age. At 15, I opened “The Snoboard Shop”, the first exclusive snowboard store in the world, in Calgary. By the early 90’s, I also had shops in Banff, Whistler, Mammoth, Auckland, Queenstown, Chamonix and Tokyo and my own clothing line that I designed while traveling the world with the top pros, writing stories and shooting photos for all the major snowboard magazines and brands. At the same time I was also making internationally best selling snowboard movies. For almost 30 years I owned the legendary Camp of Champions, the fantasy snowboard, ski and mountain bike summer camp. Over the years we enabled over 20,000 people to start living their Olympic and X-Games dreams while getting their introduction to what life in Whistler could be. Their week was spent with the top snowboard, ski and MTB pros as their coaches and best friends, discovering themselves and how they could live the life they wanted by simply getting stoked, taking inspiration from the pros and making it happen. It’s no coincidence that hundreds of them have made their move to Whistler because of their first taste the life they wanted to live was here. It's what inspired me to become a real estate agent, the trust people placed in me.  

Ken Achenbach was the first person to snowboard on Whistler. He is among the snowsport legends that recount Whistler Blackcomb's greatest contributions to skiing and snowboarding in this 50th anniversary documentary.

For the last 15 years I’ve been an owner of Powder Mountain Catskiing and Heliskiing where your powder dreams become reality. Now, instead of traveling the world to get my powder fix, now I only have to go 20 minutes down the highway from my home in Alpine Meadows where I live with my two young daughters.

How I became a Real Estate Agent

Why am I telling you all this? It’s because I want to show you how I’ve spent my life providing outstanding customer service while delivering life-changing experiences to people from around the world and how real estate has run through my entire life. The biggest reason though is because I'd love the opportunity to add your names to my list of  people who's lives Ive changed. I’ve had so many COC parents and Powder Mountain clients tell me, “Your enthusiasm for Whistler is so infectious, you’ve made me and my family want to be a part of Whistler. I’ve trusted you with my kids at The Camp of Champions, trusted you with my life in the backcountry at Powder Mountain Catskiing, so I’d happily trust you with my real estate needs. You sell this town like a real estate agent. You are a real estate agent aren't you?"

In the past I’ve always laughed, "No" then blushed, thanked them for their trust in me and then passed these people on to Maggi Thornhill, the real estate agent I trust. 

After 25 + years of referring dozens and dozens of people to Maggi Thornhill, the number one realtor in Whistler, Maggi always said to me, "Instead of sending your friends and clients to me, you should become a realtor with me at Engel & Völkers Whistler." So I did.

I realized real estate was simply a continuation of doing the things I already love and am really good at. "Helping people become a part of this amazing place by providing the best customer service while sharing my love of Whistler."

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Whistler has been the magic ingredient in almost everything I’ve ever done. Now as a part of Thornhill Real Estate Group, I am bringing together that Whistler magic with the skills I’ve learned over the past 38 years. My varied skills ensure successful, fun and rewarding real estate ventures for you. If you want to experience the difference having an amazing real estate agent that is ready to work extremely hard for you combined with a little “Whistler magic” can make in your life, give me a call or drop me a line.

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Ken Achenbach
Member Snowboard Hall of Fame 


I'm available anytime for a personal Kensultation to discuss your real estate needs.

Phone: 1-604-966-7640

Email: ken.achenbach@evcanada.com

The ‘industry’ is better because of people like you!
Thanks for making Whistler my second home.
You did exceptional work.
Ken always went above and beyond.